Francesco Mancori - Ran Ancor

Francesco Mancori – Ran Ancor

Francesco Mancori – Ran Ancor

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Am Sonntag den 08.10.2017 um 19 Uhr wird Francesco Mancori im Licht-Café im NH Berlin Mitte Fredrichstraße über seine Kunst erzählen. Eintritt ist frei!

About KU, the void

An immersive audiovisual experience, using hacked scientific technology as an artistic medium. The
analog visuals derive from an oscillograph, which generate light from electromagnetic fields
deflecting electron beams. These warm and organic images are transformed via computer vision
into real-time motion data to drive a generative sound system. The audience is invited to immerse
themselves in the intricate layers of the soundscape and organic visual textures that explore
symmetry and randomness. find a video: click here

About Francesco Mancori

As a Berlin-based artist of Italian origin I am mainly dedicated to light research and
video experimentation. I studied epistemology (University of Rome) with a minor in
computers, then started to work in between art and informatics. I have an extensive
job experience in video and multimedia. During the last years I made electronic AV
live-set, vjing, light installations and wearable performances. Most significant
elements in my video works are immateriality, movement and metamorphosis, visual
fluxus, fusion with sound and space. In 2001 I founded eXtraLight Advanced Visuals,
focusing on the light as substance through its expression in the form of light
performances, visuals and installations.
I always had an interdisciplinary approach to the objects of my research and always
widen the field of my point of view. Therfore I believe that artists and scientists tend
to approach problems with a similar open-mindedness: they both do not fear the
unknown, preferring leaps to incremental steps. Both are dedicated to asking the big
questions placed before us: “What is true? Why does it matter? How can we move
society forward?” Both search deeply, and often wanderingly, for these answers. There
is real value to be gained from collaborations that bridge the quantitative and
qualitative domains.
Selected Festivals and Exibitions:
Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel, Berlin 2017
Behavioural Machines, Berlin 2016
Transmission Art Festival Athens – Karlsruhe 2016
Chaos Communication Congress – Hamburg 2015
British HCI Interactions Gallery – 2015
Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel, Berlin 2014
The Apophenia Trap, Berlin 2014
Pictoplasma, Berlin 2013
ADD, Arti digitali, MACRO, Roma 2011
VisualBerlin, Tresor, Berlin, 2010
Berlin Design Week, 2010
Reloaded music festival, Roma 2009
Blu, Tacheles, Berlin, 2009
Live Performers Meeting, Roma 2009
Electrofringe, Newcastle, Australia 2007
Moving Images festival, Vilnius 2007
Robot Festival Odensee, Danmark, 2006
Musica e Scienza, Goethe Institut Rom, 2005
Ibizagraphic, 2004
PEAM 04 electronic artists meeting, 2004
Dream House, Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna Roma, 2004
Feedback, Akademie der Kunst, Berlin, 2003
Romaeuropafestival, 2003
Rephlex Braindance Invasion, 2002
Oscillazioni acustico visuali, Labirinth, Roma, 1997

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